1938 vs. 2014

Why Ottawa Past & Present?

A few decades ago, Ottawa was drastically different: Sparks Street was thriving, people were actually living downtown and at LeBreton Flats and a train could bring you to the heart of the city. The narrow and institutionalized vision of bureaucrats, the rapid expansion of car use, and a generalized neglect of architectural heritage changed the urban fabric of the Capital.

The Gréber Plan and the NCC transformed Ottawa for the worse.
One building at a time.

We promote intensification and discourage sprawl. We are not against tall buildings, but we have a lot to say about bad design.

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Former Cobourg & St. Patrick Intersection

1968 versus 2015

The archive photo from 1968 depicts an intersection that no longer exists:  St. Patrick and Cobourg Streets.  Technically, the intersection of Cobourg and St. Patrick still exists but it has been moved to the west to accommodate a curve in...

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St. Patrick Street Near Beausoleil Drive

1968 versus 2016

Former traditional main street, St. Patrick Street (now Old St. Patrick) is a shell of its former self. Back in the day, St. Patrick had shops and stores, relatively limited in number, but still, enough so that the street...

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