185 to 197 Broad Street, Lebreon Flats, Ottawa
185 to 197 Broad Street, Lebreon Flats, Ottawa
City of Ottawa
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The NCC expropriated and let Lebreton Flats sits empty for 50 years.
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Once again, this comparison shows NCC's incompetence when it comes to urban planning.  The buildings shown on the archival photo (not the 2015 photo since there is nothing left) were the last ones on Broad Street before hitting Albert Street.  Broad Street was the western limit of Lebreton Flats and was the densest street of the neighbourhood with the majority of the buildings having 3 stories. The building with the balcony was the Palace House.  

The photo below shows what is left of Broad Street after 50 years of non-action and being ignored by the NCC.  
It is only lately that the NCC is trying to prioritize the redevelopment of Lebreton Flats with an RFQ calling for developers of international stature to bid on it.  After extending the deadline for bidders, they finally selected 4 projets, all coming from local developers.
15 APR
Why did they not leave well enough alone. NCC is the worst thing that happened to a perfectly good community/city. Like a blight of locust, destroyed community, lives, family, for what? If it was such a blight, why not just clean it up and leave the people alone. My fondest memories were growing up in Lebreton Flats. My saddest memories were leaving, parting with my friends. It was my home, my community, my security; thank you NCC

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