Former light industrial building located at 49 Booth Street in Lebreton Flats, Ottawa
Future temporary park planned by the NCC.
City of Ottawa
Title: Untitled. Reference number: CA020822
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The NCC expropriated and let Lebreton Flats sits empty for 50 years.
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The 49 Booth Street in Lebreton Flats was occupied by a light industrial building, probably a production centre for the J.H. Connor & Son washing machines if we relate to the advertisement on the North side of the building.

Booth Street is currently under massive redesign to host the new LRT station.  The enclosed area shown on the 2015 picture has been targeted for a temporary renewal (propably so they get good pictures when they will inaugurate the memorial for the Holocaust victims across the street from there) until the NCC finds a better usage for the site.  At the speed at which the NCC is dealing with their projects, nothing is more permanent than something temporary.  That being said, they probably have in their pipeline another memorial since what could be better at the end the planned Memorial Route than an orgy of memorials to boost Canadian pride and patriotism.  Pathetic. 

Here is a discussion about the NCC shift.
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