547 Wellington Street in Lebreton Flats around 1962.
547 Wellington Street in Lebreton Flats around 1962.
City of Ottawa
Title: 547 Wellington Reference number: CA021027
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The NCC expropriated and let Lebreton Flats sits empty for 50 years.
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Built in 1873, the manse of the Western Methodist Church, architecturally interesting building, occupied the 547 Wellington Street in Lebreton Flats in 1962. 
Miraculously, the manse and the church survived the 1900 fire which demolish two thirds of Hull and 20% of Ottawa.  Fifty years later, 
the building survied a first phase of demolition in the 1950s when several building and industries were expropriated and turned to dust in order to build the Garden of the Provinces.  Sadly, the Garden of the Provinces is isolated and underused which makes it pointless.

Phase 1 and 2 of Claridge's development is trying to bring back city dwellers to this once working class neighbourhood expropriated and demolished by the NCC and which did not bother to do anything with it for more than 50 years. A lot of people seem to dislike those new buildings, but we disagree and think it could be the beginning of a new era for the flats.

The west-end of the LRT tunnel is located on the left-hand side of that picture.
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