Former drug store of Denis Ranger at the angle of Wellington and Booth Street
Emptyness in Lebreton Flats in 2015
City of Ottawa
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The NCC expropriated and let Lebreton Flats sits empty for 50 years.
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Denis Ranger drug store occupied the former north-west corner of Wellington Street and Booth Street in 1962 at Lebreton Flats.  Up until 1928, it had been the Nolan Drug Store, owned by Patrick “Paddy” Nolan who became a mayor of Ottawa a few years later. In 1928, it was purchased by a native son of the “Flats”, Denis E. Ranger, who had recently graduated from the Ontario College of Pharmacy. He remained the owner until the 1963 expropriation.

A family, most likely residents of the Flats, was crossing the street when the archival photo was taken.

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