the 96 to 102 Wellington Street in Ottawa before the American Ambassy was built
the 96 to 102 Wellington Street in Ottawa after the American Ambassy moved.
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Abandonned buildings and parking lots have now replaced an once upon a time prestigious block.
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Those two buildings, right in front of Parliament, was part of the Banker's Row.  The arrival of the American Embassy deeply changed this once prestigious block.  The ambassy has been relocated since more than 10 years and yet, those prime parcels are still sitting empty.
01 DEC
Lovely buildings. It's too bad that a section of Wellington that had such a prominent distinction could not have been somewhat preserved, only to be demolished and replaced by nothing. I wonder how long the NCC under the conservative government is going to keep that lovely barrier up. They must be waiting for the former American embassy to decay so they can accept the next plan by the lower bidder.
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