Aerial view of Elgin Street in Ottawa around 1910
Aerial view of Elgin Street in Ottawa around 2014
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The dynamic in the core would have been totally different if Elgin would have not been widened.
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This aerial view reveals that the northern section of Elgin Street has drastically changed over the years.  

Essentially, all the buildings located on the East side of Elgin Street have been demolished to make room for the NAC and the War Memorial.  

We believe that the dynamic of downtown Ottawa would have been fundamentally different if Elgin Street would have not been widened and reconfigured the way it is today.
06 SEP
That view is definitely not 1910. It would have to be roughly 1926 or 27. The new Parliament buidlings look complete (1910 would show the old Centre block). The Russsell house is stil there. It was torn down by 1928.
14 SEP
While things were certainly altered to create space for the War Memorial (the then-PM wanted an Ottawa verson of London's Tafalgar Square), the NAC of course did not come along until three decades later. I do agree that this demolition project was not the best thing to happen to Ottawa (and I don't care for the look of the NAC, either).
19 SEP
This is MINIMUM 1927. The Peace Tower as it currently stand was unveiled in 1927 so it`s some time after that.
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