Stanton and Marchand residences with the Rideau Canal.
Corktown Footbridge with the Rideau Canal.
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Investment in active transportation infrastructure.
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This comparison shows again, from a different perspective, the Stanton and Marchand residences along the Rideau Canal. The hill that was created to host the Corktown Footbridge in 2005 now hides the Colonel By Drive which was clearly visible in the 1970’s. Used by closed to 10 000 people daily, the Corktown Footbridge had been a successful (probably the most successful active transportation link the whole city) and link the Golden Triangle and the Campus Station.

Despite the obvious success of the Corktown Footbridge, the City of Ottawa is still giving the cold shoulder to active transportation infrastructures. For example, the city of Ottawa will be investing a record-high $70 millions from 2013 to 2031 for active transportation infrastructure, which seems like a lot. Putting this number back in perspective, it is a ridiculous number. During the same period, the city of Ottawa will have spent close to $6000 millions on road maintenance and road expansion. The ratio between the two figures is 1.1%. There is about 20% of commuters that uses their bikes or feet to get to work versus roughly 60% who uses their car for a ratio of ~30%. That shows that the city of Ottawa invests ~25X more than it should into its road network.

A city that takes its citizens well-being and has a strong will to curb green-house gas emission invests massively in active transportation modes. Unfortunately, this is far from being the case here in Ottawa, despite what Mayor Watson keeps repeats. Over the years, we came to conclude that Jim Watson has no ability to understand urban issues and demonstrated his incompetence in several city-building files (LRT, central library, PoW bridge, etc.).

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