Corner of Bank Street and Gladstone Avenue in Ottawa around 1910
Corner of Bank Street and Gladstone Avenue in Ottawa with Fauna Restaurant in 2014
Ross Dunn
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The ambiance was preserved, but there is less density.
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Bank Street has a long legacy of being the commercial street as this archival photo shows with the numerous shops at the corner of Gladstone Avenue.  

Two elements caught our attention on the archival photo:  the first one being the man in the forefront, potentially a postman from his uniform and hat, who seems to collect mail by horse.

The second element is the streetcar which was present at the corner of Bank and Gladstone when the photo was taken.  The long gone streetcar was running down Bank Street and was turning West on Gladstone Avenue as the rail are suggesting.

The buildings stayed more or less the same with the exception of the opening created when the Rialto Theatre was demolished at the corner of Bank and Frank Streets. It is also too bad that the artisanal windows on top of Fauna restaurant were not preserved.
28 SEP
Brian Fisher
Amazing that that much is still there after more than a century
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