Dey's areana on Laurier Avenue
Dey's areana on Laurier Avenue
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Laurier is a wider avenue and fewer interests.
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The landscape around Laurier Avenue in downtown Ottawa considerably changed since 100 years.

The north side (right side) of Laurier Avenue (formely Maria Street) was demolished to make room for the Confederation Park.

The only element still standing today is the First Baptist Church on the corner of Elgin Street.

The building at the front on the archival photo is the Dey's Arena where the Ottawa Senetors played from 1908 to 1923.  They won their first Stanley Cup in 1911.

The arena was in operation from 1884 to 1928.

The imposing building at the corner of Elgin Street and Laurier Avenue behind the arena were the Roxborough apartments.

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