Former segment of Saint-Patrick Street in Lowertown East in Ottawa in 1968
East-end of Saint-Patrick Street in Lowertown East in Ottawa in 2015
We gave it a
Former Main Street which became soulless.
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This post is the first of a long series about Lowertown East in Ottawa. The CHMC released a large collection of photos taken in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s where they documented how Canadians lived in large urban centers.  

The collection from Lowertown East is eloquent.

The archive photo shows the north side of a section of Saint Patrick Street west of Cobourg Street.  The street has been renamed "Old Saint Patrick Street" since the new curved thoroughfare took the name Saint Patrick Street (a bit like what they have done in Moscow with the Arbats).  The old street has been shortened and now stops at Cobourg Street

The houses on the archive photos were facing the street which would make them interact with it.  Today,  strips of grass and enclosed backyards are now fronting the once traditional main street.  This kind of configuration is obviously a deterrent to community build up and thriving streets. 
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