Former Osgood and Cumberland Intersection
Morisset Hall of University of Ottawa
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Morisset Hall of the University of Ottawa is now where that former Cumberland & Osgoode intersection used to be.
04 JUL
I'm happy to see that some buildings have not changed and respect our heritage. On the other hand, most of the new photos show a disrespect for our heritage. So many beautiful buildings lost. Thank you for your efforts in showing us the changes that have taken place over the years. Much appreciated.
11 SEP
Carl Juneau
Such a flood of memories. See that telephone pole on the left? One winter, my friend stuck his tongue on the metal rods that were used by repairmen to climb the pole, and he couldn't unstick it, and I had to get his mum to come with a pot of hot water... He thpoke with a lithp for theveral dayth...
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