Intersection of Wellington Street and Albert Street in Lebreton Flats in 1962
Albert Street in Lebreton Flats in 2015.
City of Ottawa
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This non-common intersection from the non-square angle between Wellington and Albert Streets in Lebreton Flats has stropped existing in 1962, year at which the NCC expropriated everyone and their dog from Lebreton Flats.  

Albert Street in that area was way more dynamic than what we have been used for the last 50 years.  Several shops and cafes like the Eddy's Coffee Shop were in activity on Albert Street back in 1962 has shown by the archival photo.

Think about what Albert Street may have looked like nowadays if the neighbourhood would have evolved like any other old and established neighbourhoods.  It would have probably be similar to Elgin Street in Centretown or Beechwood in Vanier.

Ad firms did not have the maturity and refinement that we are used to these days and Pepsi-Cola was trying to get new customers by saying "Now it's pepsi for those who think young."  Nothing less.

In 2014, Albert Street was reduced to 1 lane in each direction in order to replace the sewer and widen the street and sidewalks.
13 APR
This was my fathers sign shop
13 APR
What happened? Looks AWFUL now!
16 APR
Carol Lorraine
Thank you for these pictures. Does anyone have pics of the houses on the other side of the street. I lived there and I wish I could go back and see my childhood home. But they have been destroyed.
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