Post office where the War Memorial is
War Mémorial.
Title: Post Office, Ottawa, Ont. Reference number: 3319277
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A neo-classical building sacrified for a Prime Minister's obsession.
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The former post office did not survived the obsession of Mackenzie-King to build the War Memorial on the Hill, at the end of Elgin Street. Mr. Gréber who was serving his first mandate in Ottawa in urban planning, preferred Major Hill Park to put the War Memorial

Despite the Mackenzie-King's strong will to place the War Memorial at the former Connaught Place, the prime-minister did not consider that his decision would had to condemn several buildings East of Elgin Street (the Woods Apartments, Bates Apartments and the Central Station). He rallied to Gréber's sketches in which he concluded were greatly aligned with his original idea: leave his mark in Ottawa.
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