Union Station with the new Colonoel By Drive.
Union Station with the new Colonoel By Drive in 2014
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When the archival photo was taken, bad things had already happened: the Central Train Station has been moved to the suburbs and the Corry Block had been demolished to provide road link between Mackenzie Avenue and the new Colonel By Drive (formerly Little Sussex).  

Since those major configuration changes , pedestrians can only reach the busiest intersection in Ottawa, Sussex Drive and Rideau Street, by this cold and unfriendly underpass.  This is a clear example of priority given to motorists over pedestrians when massive urban redesign are undertaken since the 1960s.  

In 2008, the NCC started a project to redesign this important intersection of Ottawa.  However, just like some many other projects undertaken by the NCC, it seems like it has been shut down since and is unlikely to be resuscitated. 
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I would love to see this same perspective but with the tracks.
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