Knox Church on Elgin in 1938
Elgin street and Albert Street in Ottawa in 2013.
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Heritage demolition. Elgin Street is way to wide nowadays.
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Knox Presbyterian Church, designed by Henry Langley Architect in 1874 stood at the corner of Elgin Street and Albert Street for about 50 years when the authorities decided to widen Elgin Street between Laurier Street and Wellington Street. The King and Queen of England inaugurated the “new” Elgin when they visited Ottawa in 1939. The expansion of Elgin Street towards the East decimated several historical buildings.

The Ontario Municipality Board (OMB) did not allow the city to use bonds to finance this expansion. For this reason, the City used money it got from the insurance companies from the fire that ruined the first Ottawa City Hall a few years earlier.

A more modest version of the Knox Church was built a few blocks south of the original location at the corner of Elgin Street and Lisgar Street.

18 MAY
Hello, I am looking to have a mass said for my mum. She died in Ireland a month ago. It is month's mind. Please let me know if you can. I would be looking at wednesday or thursday evening. Just to have her name read at mass. Thank you Josephine
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