Map of LeBreton Flats
LeBreton Flats in 2012
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The NCC expropriated and let Lebreton Flats sits empty for 50 years.
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LeBreton Flats had it rough.  First, it was devasted by the 1900 fire. Around 60 years later, it was demolished a second time after massive expropriation authorized by the NCC.  The NCC sat on this empty piece of land for nearly fifty years.

Finally, in 2005, the LeBreton Flats received the first new tenants: the War Museum.  A few years later, Claridge was given the mandate to re-develop this area.  Far from being the thriving area they promised, Claridge make sure that the area stays as sterilized as possible without pertubing the traffic which seems to have increased by 10 folds since they replaced the former street grid by roads as wide as rivers.

You can read the complete story here.

Here is a list of the streets that got wiped out:
  • Broad street
  • Perkins street
  • Cathcart street
  • Queen street
  • Duke street
  • Britannia street
  • Oregon street
  • Ottawa street
  • Herd street
  • Chaudière street
  • Union Square

06 JUN
The NCC had an awesome opportunity to turn this empty space into something truly magnificient for ALL Canadians to enjoy! Instead, a developer will be building condos and mixed-use buildings, how boring ! According to their mandate, "Our goal is to ensure that Canada’s Capital Region is a source of national pride and significance." ... how are condos and offices something to be proud of?
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