Maria Street and Roxborough Apartments in Ottawa around 1900
Laurier Street and Confédération Parc in Ottawa in 2013
City of Ottawa
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Destruction of Roxborough Apartmets. Car is king on Elgin now.
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This photo of Laurier Street, formerly Maria Street, shows on of the most luxurious apartment building never been built in Ottawa; the Roxborough Apartments. Maria Street had its worldly moments in the past as a series of trees separated both of its lanes.

The area around the Roxborough Apartments was severely modified and none of the existing buildings on the photo survived. An aerial view of the surrounding in the mid-1960s shows a dark moment in the urban development of Ottawa as the core of the city, where the main post office, the Russell House and the first City Hall, could be mistaken with a city that had just been bombed. The Roxbourough Apartments, who had notorious tenants like 2 former Prime Ministers, stayed up until the very last minute.

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