Aerial view of Mechanicsville around 1930
Aerial view of Mechanicsville and Tunney's Pasture around 1930
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Tunney's Pasture development is a tremendous failure that needs to be fixed.
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This aerial view of the former West-end of the city of Ottawa shows how Mechaniscville was isolated when pastures, the river and railways were its physical limits.

Numerous elements have changed in the 80 years that separate both photos.  Downtown Ottawa and downtown Hull are now a forest of office tours.  The industrial activity has vacated Lebreton Flats and the logs have vanished from the Ottawa River in Nepean Bay.

The city growth is also visible towards the East where Blackburn Hamlet, Gloucester and Rothwell Village took over forests and fields.

That being said, the most obvious change is the transformation of Tunney’s Pasture.  This large empty area on the fringe of the city was the perfect spot for the implementation of Gréber Plan that was strongly influenced by the modernism movement and favored decentralization of employment centers. Its concrete towers that only the former East-Block would envy, its wide avenues and its open parking lots are one of the reasons why the Tunney’s Pasture development has been a tremendous failure when it comes to urban planning.  Even the federal government that is still implementing urban planning policies straight out of the 1960s, thought that Tunney’s Pasture was ripe for a renewal and intensification.  They want to double the number of workers from 10 000 to 20 000 and build up to 1000 dwelling units by 2035.

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L'histoire se répète aujourd'hui. On massacre les Plaines Lebreton. C'était beau l'aménagement du ruisseau encaissé qui dévale à partir du château d'eau jusqu'à la rivière des Outaouais en passant sous le pont Pooley. Pourquoi fallait-il construire un edifice qui défigure sa berge gauche?
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