metcalfe street at Laurier avenue.
metcalfe street at Laurier avenue.
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Heritage demolition. Public Library was a magnificent building.
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The streetscape at Metcalfe and Laurier has changed substantially: the only remaining building is the former YMCA, now the Indigo Hotel.  The South-West corner of the Laurier and Metcalfe intersection was occupied by an apartment building which are cruelly missing in the north-end of Centretown:  as long as the core will not have dwelling units in sufficient number, downtown will remain moribund.

The former Public Library has been replaced by the concrete version that we all know.
09 FEB
les bâtiments porteurs d'histoire devraient être rénovés et non démolis.

Les rues devraient être courbées pour imiter la nature et réduire les vents.

La construction d'habitations au travers les commerces est une stratégies qui augmente l'efficacité des villes.
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