Former intersection of Elgin Street and Laurier Avenue in Ottawa in 1928
Former intersection of Elgin Street and Laurier Avenue in Ottawa en 2015
City of Ottawa
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Succession of re-configurations of the area in which the final "product" lack interest.
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The North-East corner of the intersection of Elgin Street and Laurier Avenue in Ottawa was quite different back in 1928 compared to the busy intersection we are used to nowadays. 

In the shadow of the Roxborough Apartments and the Woods Buildings, humble houses hosted a "druggist" and a corner store when Elgin Street was still a modest street.

At that time, Mackenzie-King had his eyes on the north section of Elgin Street to build the War Memorial.  The successive fires which destroyed City Hall and the Russell House made the area suitable for a massive reconfiguration.  This is exactly what happened.

Jacques Gréber got his first mandate in Ottawa and recommended to widen Elgin Street north of Laurier Avenue.  The fate was then sealed for those buildings which unfortunately did not fit with the new vision of grandeur for this area.

Around 30 years later, the luxurious Roxborough Apartments and the beautiful Woods Buildings were torn down to make room for the Confederation Park (which is only busy, sadly, about three times a year).     
23 FEB
Rosemary Campbell
First of all, it is unfair to compare an old summer photo with a new winter one; psychologically, we all love summer! And the pilons are temporary (like the slush), not part of the site. So don't build bias into it. But seriously, the current site is a park, attractive to both thousands of tourists and Ottawa citizens, in the winter for the world famous ice sculptures, and in the summer for a spot of green in our downtown concrete jungle. How popular as a trip destination was the previous drugstore, for goodness sake? I think your negative rating of the change is not based on anything concrete.
13 APR
Kevin Bourne
Rosemary, if these buildings had been replaced by a park that's widely used by residents I'd understand your comment. Confederation Park is mediocre. Outside of the jazz festival and Winterlude it doesn't attract tourists. Nobody comes to Ottawa to see Confederation Park. Having a downtown park in this location was a great idea but the execution was horrible. Looking at what we ended up with, they were better off leaving those buildings in place.
15 APR
So wrong in so may ways. I know there has to be change but, why not change what no longer works and leave the rest alone, old and new works well if it's done properly. Just sayin' ;)
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