Former building at the corner of Chapel and Rideau Street in Ottawa in 1968.
The 160 Chapel at the corner of Chapel and Rideau Street in Ottawa in 1968.
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Heritage lost and road reconfiguration limiting connectivity.
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This comparison of the Rideau and Chapel Streets intersection shows the 160 Chapel, a 22-story apartment building, and the one-of-kind building that used to occupy the same spot in 1968.

Lately, Some attention is being drawn at this intersection because of a large development project lead by the Trinity group where 2 towers of 20+ story will be built. Chapel Street north of Rideau Street in currently a dead-end but Trinity Group wants to (re-)connect it to Beausoleil Drive to increase connectivity in this area and make their project more appealing. That being said, Mathieu Fleury, the Rideau-Vanier city councillor, opposes the opening of Chapel to Beausoleil Drive citing security concerns. Formerly, Chapel Street was continuous from Lowertown East to Sandy Hill.

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