Orme Hall on Wellington Street in Ottawa.
Renovation on Wellington Street.
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Building own by a small local company demolished to make room for a the expansion of a bigger one.
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Orme Hall was located on Wellington Street in Ottawa. One of its owner was the piano maker James Lawrence Orme who also had a shop on Sparks Street.

The Orme Hall was demolished in the late 1950 to make room for the expansion of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.
08 AUG
Yes of course it's a shame that an old building was demolished, but the new building that replaced it is just as good. A bigger space was needed so a bigger space was built in place of an older building. It is unfair and unjust to show the new building - which I actually prefer as a refreshing architectural style in Ottawa - whilst obviously in a state of renovation and rehabilitation and compare this to the old building. I will say this however, I wish those street lights weren't replaced and I wish the sidewalk were bigger.
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