Elgin Street around 1910 with the Parliament in background.
Elgin Street in 2015 with the Parliament in background.
The Way We Were
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A friendlier Elgin Street is depicted in the 1910 photo.
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The last block of the northern section of Elgin Street between Sparks Street and Wellington Street is almost unrecognizable.   The only still standing building is the East Block since the Centre Block was at its first iteration before it was destroyed by the 1916 fire.  

The Langevin Block at the South-West corner of Elgin Street and Wellington took over the modest buildings where The Free Press offices were.

On the right-hand side, where the War Memorial is right now, a wider Elgin Street took over a series of smaller buildings housing shops and apartments, like the Clisby House.  Back then, Sparks Street had one more block (not shown here) and was connected to the Union Station.

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