Rideau Canal before the construction of the Union Station
Rideau Canal before with the former building of the Union Station
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Way more majestuous. Lost of key elements like the Central Station and the Corry Block.
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The shores of the Rideau Canal certainly gained in maturity with the addition of the building of the former Union Station and the construction of the Château Laurier.  However, the demolition of the Corry Block, the first "skyscraper" of Ottawa so that the Colonel By Drive could be connected to Rideau Street and the re-localisation of the central station in the suburbs leave us perplex.   

14 APR
Kevin Bourne
Wow! This pic is a great find!
16 OCT
Antoine Bareil
Hi! Could you tell me the Archive Canada I.D. for the old picture of «Rideau Canal before the Construction of Union Station»? Thanks for your time!
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