Locks of the Rideau Canal in 1900
Locks of the Rideau Canal in 2011
McCord Museum
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Broken rail link between Quebec & Ontario
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Looking north at the Rideau Canal, the canal itself has not changed much. However, its surroundings have matured with the addition of the Chateau Laurier, which was built between 1909 and 1912. It is also worth noting that the hull-a-partir-de-la-pointe-nepean/260/" title="Hull" target="">Hull landscape on the other side of the river went through drastic changes. The last train to cross the Ottawa River using the bridge/346/" title="Alexandra Bridge">Alexandra Bridge was in 1966. 

One interesting fact is that the Rideau Canal was never used for its initial military intention.
08 AUG
Not true that the Alexandra bridge was only used for trains. The outter 'lanes' were used for automobiles; trains (3 pairs of tracks) used the center.
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