Locomotive on the shore of the rideau Canal
Rideau Canal in Ottawa with the Laurier Bridge and the Department of Defense
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Better use of the Rideau Canal shores. Less fan of the combo brutalism & UNESCO protected area.
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Today, everybody agrees that moving the train station in the suburbs was a mistake.  That being said, its move has opened the shores of the Rideau Canal by removing the lanes of rails no longer required.  

By applying the sacro-saint parkways model, the NCC changed the vocation of the Rideau Canal shores and built a long linear park as well as the Colonel By Drive.  All of the new empty space also allowed the Department of Defense to move in the neighbourhood by building its headquarter along the lines of brutalist architecture.    
16 JUL
Not sure that one should call the parkways model "sacrosanct" by any means, and the DND Building has certainly become more fortress-like in the past decade. Also, as you said, passenger rail should still be feeding directly into the downtown core here, as it still does in Montréal and Toronto among other cities.

But there is something good to be said for the green space...
22 AUG
CNR 6167 now sits in Guelph, On, looking on the web, looks like serious work is being carried out to restore it
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