Rideau Street and Mackenzie Avenue Intersection in Ottawa
Rideau Street and Mackenzie Avenue Intersection in Ottawa
Title: National Building, Ottawa, Ontario. Reference number: 4511654
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Ottawa bussiest intersection where cars have been prioritized over pedestrians.
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A lot to say about this comparison, even though we said it all in the past.  First of all, the building which only the facade shows in the archive picture is the Daly building which was abandoned in the late 1970s after decades of laisser-aller from its owner, the NCC.  It was demolished in 1991. It is obvious how the condos that were built at the exact same location do not fill the area as much because of the too important setback from Rideau Street

Also, all of the three-story buildings on the other side of the street have been demolished to make room for this new stretch of road which now links Mackenzie Avenue and Colonel By Drive.  It is now impossible for pedestrians to walk on the south side of Rideau Street in that area and they must take the underground tunnel under the prolonged Mackenzie Avenue.
03 JAN
That's at least 1964, not 1960. In the centre of the picture is a black 1964 Ford taxicab.
10 FEB
The Daly Building was demolished in the early 90s, not late 70s. I remember seeing it (in its advanced decrepitude) in 1989.
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