Roxborough Appartments on Laurier in 1939
Conferation Park in Ottawa in 2014
The Way We Were
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The Roxborough Apartments were the most luxurious in Ottawa. Emptiness now stands were they were.
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The Roxborough Apartments were "the" place to live in Ottawa in 1910.  Its 82 units were renting between 35 and 40$ a month, complete maid service included.

Mackenzie King, Lous St.Laurent and General Georges Vanier all lived at the Roxborough at one time or another. 

The NCC expropriated the building since they wanted to build the National Museum of Science which was never built, just like some many other projects managed by the NCC.  The forward-thinking board of the NCC agreed that a park was the best usage for the empty space created when the Roxborough Apartments, as well as many other buildings in that area, were demolished.
Bibliographic Source: The Way We Were
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