Sappers' Bridge in Ottawa around 1910
Plaza Bridge in Ottawa in 2014
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Car traffic greatly increased since Wellington was widen.
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17 FEB
i'm a bit puzzled by the caption (which appears to be printed directly onto this postcard.) every old map i look at seems to agree that Sappers, the first major bridge across the Canal, ran from Rideau Street to Sparks Street. At the time, Wellington ("Richmond Road") didn't yet extent east in front of Parliament Hill. The Dufferin, built later, joined Rideau to Wellington and ran just north of Sappers, in the position indicated by the image on the postcard.
i wonder if the names of these "Plaza Bridges" were swapped at some point or whether the postcard was captioned incorrectly.

this quibble aside, awesome job on the photo match-up, as always! :)
08 AUG
I agree that traffic has increased which isn't necessarily a good thing visually but is a necessity as there are more of us humans going places. It's disheartening but after having lived here relying on OC Transpo for many things I am glad to now have got a car...
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