Sparks street of 1968 which was more animated that it is today.
A deserted Sparks Street in 2013.
City of Ottawa
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Once again, this archive photos from the 60s shows a much more animated and thriving Sparks street as it was the main shopping area in the downtown area before the Rideau Centre was built.  

No exact date was provided with the picture but it shows a fair guess would be that the picture was taken a few years after Sparks Street became exclusive to pedestrians.  

The Zeller's at the corner of Sparks and O'Connor took over the Poulin's store.  It is now closed and will become a high-end brewery.  

07 OCT
If they really want to make Sparks St. attractive, they need to attract some brand name retailers. The festivals that are held there are able to attract people to the area, but there is nothing to keep them there once they have visited whatever attraction they came to see.
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