Intersection of Sussex Drive and Rideau Street in 1940
Rideau Street @ Sussex Drive
CSTM Collection
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Shops with street level interactions and density replaced by this urban onramp.
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Gréber had this genius idea back in 1938 to tear down this whole block to make sure that cars were moving smoothly in the core.  We can read from the report:

"It was proposed in our plans of 1938 to widen the space between the Chateau and the south side of Rideau Street by eliminating the Daly Building and the old buildings in front of it across Rideau Street. Such widening would make the left turn for automobiles and street cars much easier and provide more space for alternate stoppages by traffic lights."P.183 

His recommendations were implemented only partially though since the Daly Building remained until the late 1970s.  
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