Back of the former post office on Wellington Street in Ottawa
War Memorial on Wellington Street in Ottawa
Title: Post Office, Ottawa, Ont. Reference number: 3319299
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A neo-classical building sacrified for a emtpy symbolic place.
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The Post Office was the last obstacle to the ambitions of the Prime Minister Mackenzie-King to erect a War Memorial in order to honnor the people who serviced for World War I.

He hired our good friend Jacques Gréber to "prove himself" and find the perfect spot for such a memorial.  Gréber had in mind Major Hill Park as the site to put the memorial, but it seems like Mackenzie-King's mind had been set since the begining: Connaught Place was the perfect spot.

The "hole" in the core left by the successive fires of the Russell House and the City Hall was about the get bigger and enhanced the physical limitation between Centretown and Lowertown, formely linked by a continuum of buildings. 
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Lord Beaverbrook had been petitioning the Canadian government to build a museum for the 400 paintings of the Canadian War Memorial Fund (1914-1918). He was willing to pay for it all. Instead we got the Cenotaph. AY Jackson was very angry at this and remarked that the silly politicians could do no better than some monument. To this day the collection of paintings is in storage at the CDN War Museum and National Gallery.
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