Union Station in Ottawa
Conference Centre in Ottawa
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Union Station moved to the suburbs.
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The Ottawa Union Station was inaugurated in 1912.  One would say that it is a one fifth of the size of the former Pennsylvania Station of New York, which was destroyed in 1963.

Despite the orginal plan to destroy the Ottawa Union Station (it was supposed to be replaced by yet another park!?), it was saved from demolition when the National Capital Commission (NCC) decommissioned the railroad tracks on the east side of the Rideau canal.  

Interestingly enough, Gréber was calling for aBridge" target="_blank"> railway bridge going through Upper Duck Island that would have connected the replacement stations for Ottawa and Gatineau.
22 APR
Mr. Carey Craig
This is simply wonderfull. You have done a great job matching the historical photographs with modern day photographs of the same areas. As time passes it becomes difficult to remember exactly how things were and where exactly they were. This site has helped immensely to clarify that problem. My thanks to all involved in this project you all have done very well indeed!
20 MAR
Tom Soodla
A sad, sorry decision. As a child, in the fifties, I was able to ride on trains, departing and returning to that fine and wonderful station. In later years, I was in no way, impressed, with the facility that was built to serve people taking the train, in Ottawa. The feelings of nostalgia, for Ottawa's old Union Station, seem almost inevitable, every time I take a train, anywhere, from the station in Toronto. My 2¢.
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