Hôpital général Saint-Luc en 1898 au coin de la rue Elgin et l'avenue Gladstone.
Parc Saint-Luc en 2015 au coin de la rue Elgin et l'avenue Gladstone.
Titre: St. Luke’s Hospital Numéro de référence: CA-001482
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Édifice patrimoinial demoli. Bâtiment sans grand intérêt pour le remplacer.
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L'hôpital général de Saint-Luc fût inauguré en juillet 1898 et se trouvait au coin de  la rue Elgin et de l'avenue Gladstone où se trouve présentement le parc du même nom.  

Fondé principalement par Henry Pulteney Wright suite à un don de 10 000$ à la fondation de l'hôpital Saint-Luc.  D'autres figures connues d'Ottawa donnèrent aussi pour financer les débuts de l'hôpital Saint-Luc dont John Booth et H. N. Bate.

La ville d'Ottawa décida de fermer l'hôpital en 1924 conséquence directe de l'ouverture de l'Hôpital d'Ottawa (le campus Civic).  Le bâtiment a été démoli après la Grande Dépression.

28 FÉV
Peter Bishop
Hi, My father grew up just to the right of the picture on the corner of elgin and gladstone, 405 Elgin street, the Royal Court, my brother billy and I played in the park for years in the early 60,s. Theres still a pool and swings but the really fun play structure is gone,
My grand parents lived there for over 50 years, (should have bought the building)
Peter Bishop.
07 MAR
I'm afraid you've got the wrong location for the 2015 photo. The front of St. Lukes (shown in the 1898 photo) was on Frank St., not Elgin. The cooresponding 2015 photo would be looking at the playground in St. Luke's park (behind the Slice & Co.)
08 MAR
Joan Bedford
I enjoy these before and after photos very much. It is amazing how the city has changed. I guess that's progress.

I look forward to the same for Old Ottawa East as it is now called. I grew up in that district and have many childhood memories of the area.
The area I refer to is Main St. Springhurst, Lees, Hawthorne, Evelyn, Concord Aves. and environ.
Thank-you for your interesting photography!
11 OCT
David A Johnston
My grandmother, Adele Townsend, was a nurse at St. Luke's during World War 1. She often told stories of the wounded soldiers, and how their officers would come around to see who they could put back in the line. She was quite bitter about this.
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