Myrand Street and Jules-Morin Park in 1968
Myrand Street and Jules-Morin Park in 2015
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Only block in the heart of the urban renewal that was left unaltered.
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This comparison shows an area that was left more or less untouched by the craze of the CHMC sponsored urban renewal that changed the face of Lowertown East forever.  In fact, the block between St. Patrick Street, Myrand Street and Augusta Street was the only one unaltered at the end of the 3 phases of the urban renewal project.

The 2015 photo shows Jules-Morin Park, Myrand Street and Patro StreetPatro Street is the product of the partitioning of Augusta Street, which use to reach St.Patrick Street, into Heney Street and Patro Street. By making this division, connectivity and fluidity of movements was greatly reduced in this area of Lowertown East.

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