Elgin Street at Lisgar looking north in Ottawa in 1938
Elgin Street at Lisgar looking north in Ottawa in 2013
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The streetscape of Elgin street was substanTially altered in the 70 years that separate the two photos.  The only 2 buildings that remained on Elgin are the Normal School and the First Baptist Church.  The Bell Place and other modern buildings took over the Victorian houses and low-rIse apartment buildings.

One can actually see the Roxborough Apartments on the corner of Laurier and Elgin streets.
19 AUG
Think how much more pleasant that stretch would be today if the city restored the full depth of frontage it lopped off when it widened the roadbed north of Lisgar.

As a pedestrian, that intersection still feels awkward, to this day. Now we know why.

Great side-by-side, Alexandre.
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