Ross building at the corner of Sparks and Metcalfe Street in Ottawa around 1912
Building at the corner of Sparks and Metcalfe Street in Ottawa in 2014
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We prefer the Ross building better, but at least they kept the stores at ground level.
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The Ross Building was construted around 1892 after that Crawford Ross bought the pre-existing  building at the same location.  The initial vocation of the Ross Building was a department store, but in 1912, the whole building was turned into an office building.

The Ross Building kept its vocation for fifty years until it was demolished and replaced by the building now standing at the south-west corner of Metcalfe Street and Sparks Street.  

Note that in the 1990s, the NCC bought the building with the obvious goal of tearing it down as the organisation was hit by an episode of madness and elaborated its controversial plan to widen Metcalfe Street to the west in order to turn it into and "Grand Boulevard".  Fortunately, the project was canned.
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